Herit app

An essential database for museums and art collections

Herit is a necessary tool for the documentation and protection of cultural heritage. It is a web-based parametric database which helps institutions easily set up their collections archive and store all necessary information. With the potential addition of any necessary metadata, photo and video archives, attachments and the integration of mapping information Herit offers what cultural institutions need most: an easy to use, plain and functional tool that covers the fundamental needs of a museum, an institution, a cultural organization.  

Herit’s recent users are the Archaeological Museum of Corfu, the Archaeological Museum of Pella, the Alexadroupolis Art Gallery and the Ephorate of Antiquities of Imathia.

A Polyptychon project



2014 - 2017


Archaeological Museum of Corfu

Archaeological Museum of Pella

Museum of the Royal Graves / Aigai