Folklore Museum

of Portiano, Lemnos 


Municipality of Lemnos


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The museum was created in 1995 and is a traditional two-storey residential house in the village, with two similar arrangement levels.

The original collection was collected in the same year and was exposed by volunteers and people of the Association of Portianaton.

Over the years the collection expanded due to new donations.

It includes a centrally located entrance, main findings corridor with two rooms on each side of the corridor, so four rooms on each floor. In the hall there is a staircase that leads upstairs. Both levels have always served residential uses and no other auxiliary spaces. The report expands on newly built detached, stone-built, single-room building in the backyard of the building.

The objects were collected with great effort, love and care. The museum is intended to be a place of memory where older people will think of the past and the younger people will learn the manners and customs of our ancestors, grandparents and grandmothers