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'Works of art from the Louvre to Thessaloniki: The Reliquary of the True Cross'

The silver reliquary of the “True Cross” is an important Byzantine work of art of the 12th-13th century.  It arrived in France probably as booty after the Fourth Crusade in 1204 and later accepted interventions of Gothic aesthetics.

The exhibition discusses the important history and use of the Cross as a symbol from ancient times until today. With visual material and authentic works from Museums and individuals, it focuses on the famous, mainly in Western Europe, “History of the True Cross” and its artistic performance in the religious art of the West and in the post-Byzantine art of the East, with key examples from Arezzo of Tuscan and from Cyprus.

The exhibition “Works of art from the Louvre to Thessaloniki” is organised in collaboration with the Louvre Museum and the Movement of 5 Museums of Thessaloniki.


Museum of Byzantine Culture


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