«The Greeks: from Agamemnon to Alexander the Great»

543 artworks dating from 6.000 BC to the 2nd century BC, coming from 22 greek museums will travel to Canada and the U.S.A. for an exhibition showcasing the fascinating history of greek civilisation. Apart from the undoubted archaeological significance of the exhibition and the forthcoming catalogue, it is important to highlight the transcendence of the previous State cultural policy, into an open-minded view of exhibitions as a state’s policy methodological tool.It was not used, till now, for the official state and specifically the Central Archaeological Council to allow for a long-term lending of masterpieces of art that have a central position in greek museums, e.g. the marble head of Alexander the Great that welcomes the visitors of the new Archaeological Museum of Pella in Macedonia, Greece.

Lending some of the crème-de-la-crème of their collections, greek museums and the State respectively, confirm their understanding of archaeological exhibitions abroad as diplomatic master tools for the reform of greek image worldwide and, broadly speaking, the promotion of cultural tourism.