Museological study for greek revolution hero Panourgias into Museum in Amfissa

The project specificated the basic strategy and the initial approach, in order to transform a historic residence into a museum.

Our approach did not follow a classic museological approach but took into account the semantics of space and socio-economic implications that can acquire Panourgia house with the emergence, not just as a monument but as a destination symbol (Destination Branding) for the city itself Amfissa and the development of cultural tourism as an area with significant reserve of monuments and other sites of cultural interest on unknown to the general public.

The basic idea and approach founded on the important history of the place as one of the main centres of the Greek Revolution of 1821 that led to the liberation from the Ottoman Empire.

The final proposal delivered to the Municipality of Delphi includes a set of actions which ensure the visitor a graded information experience, utilise the digital and print media for the interpretation of the theme, highlight the region of Fokida in general as a place of cultural experience.

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