«Macedonian Treasures» at the Archaeological Museum of Pella

A rich, fertile land, crossed by rivers and surrounded by mountains. A land where mythical giants lived on, together with kings and philosophers and everyday people.This is the birthplace of Alexander III, known ecumenically as «the Great»; not as an unexpected historical surprise but as the outcome of a civilisation which already since the 7th century BC, as attested by the findings from the necropolises of Aigai and Archontiko –predecessor of Pella in the archaic period- started to create state-of-the-art culture.

More than 500 treasures unearthed from Macedonia, many of which have been successfully presented in the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford, and the Louvre, amongst which golden wreaths, alabaster vessels, clay heads of gods and demons and above all the Lady of Aigai, wife of king Amyntas I, queen and priest of the Macedons with the rich golden ornaments of her dress.

Despite this golden wealth, the exhibition wonderfully balances between wealth, power, grace and mystery.

In the lobby of the Archaeological Museum of Pella, a photographic exhibition with portraits of Alexander the Great crafted by Andy Warhol to Engonopoulos and from the arabic and persian to the western European tradition, leads to the marble head, one of the few portraits of the great king that have been undoubtedly identified with him.

To work amongst some of the masterpieces of ancient greek art , discovered in the last 25 years by greek archaeologists, has been one of the most important moments for our team, during the design of the exhibition, the identity design and the signage for this emblematic exhibition which is already considered a benchmark for the greek museum environment.

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