The gate to the Underworld

Age-old popular notions were linked to the belief that lakes and rivers, which often disappear and reappear from the depths of the earth are the path leading to the Underworld. This view explains the correlation of the Acheron river and the lake Acherousia with the dead.

In the Odyssey, Circe advises Ulysses to reach the palaces of Hades in order to receive the omen by the clairvoyant Teiresias on how to return to Ithaca. His ship is to reach a beach where lies the sacrosanct grove of Persephone. The similarity between the Homeric description and the landscape of the valley of Acheron is characteristic.

The Nekromanteion and the wider area of the Acheron river with its beautiful scenery lies in the perfecture of Preveza, in western Greece.

It is a peculiar place worth visiting that carries through the centuries man’s biggest question and fear: what happens when we die?