Preveza, a promising destination of archeological tourism

Towards the creation of a conceptual archaeological park in the region of the mythical Acheron river, the Ephorate of Antiquities of Preveza trusted us with the information design and construction of the signage system and other visual material for the fortified house (‘koulia’ ) close to the Nekromanteion (temple of necromancy) and the door to Hdes, the realm of the dead.

Extended restoration works and care has been given to all findings and building of the area, from the mycenaean period sancturary (14th – 13th century BC) to this 19th century house.

The condition of the ‘koulia’ in the 1960’s in comparison with how it looks like today attest the scale of works undertaken by the local archaeological authority and indicates its strategy to transform Preveza into a high-quality destination of archaeological interest.

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