A genuine immersive experience

The search for originality and genuine cultural experiences are buzzwords in the heritage industry. We need to feel the history, use our senses in order to simulate how people lived in the past. Technology plays a major role towards that direction, advances in programming and digital visual representations have done already a lot to help us experience a past reality. There are places though, where this need is satisfied in its entirety by a simple physical visit in monuments and places of unique cultural wealth and diversity. Visiting the city of Kastoria, NW Greece, reveals a destination of natural storytelling, where past meets present and art in all its forms is evident throughout the city. Among the many byzantine churches which Kastoria is famous for, the 9th century church of Saint Stefanos is only an example of how entering a monument can be an experience going beyond the ordinary, capturing your senses. These photos can only convey a partial experience of an era where churches were not just places of religious worship but also a haven for the eye and the soul, ‘temples’ of visual communication and emotional consciousness.

for more info on the byzantine heritage of Kastoria visit www.bmk.gr

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