To prevent rather than to cure

Collecting and looking after an object of historic, artistic or aesthetic value should primarily consider the conditions in which it is exhibited or kept.

Underestimated environmental or safety conditions in museums, galleries, libraries and private collections may cause damage to artworks and other cultural elements, that usually come with a a high cost and complicated administrative procedures.

The reasons for damages of that kind are many: uncontrolled temperature and humidity levels, lack of theft safety measures, deficient flood and fire protection are only the most prominent to name.

However, to cure after the damage is done is not the only way to treat an object.

A simple and inexpensive way to prevent damage is to control these agents of deterioration. Preventive conservation is a highly standardised discipline aiming to minimise or even eliminate deterioration. Specialised professionals have the knowledge and experience to guide you through this preventive methodology, by scientifically analysing the exhibition or safeguarding conditions, prioritise potential dangers and minimising all possible deterioration agents. Estimating these types of conditions and tailoring proper ones enhance the longevity of all kind of materials (paper, paintings, metal, organic materials etc) suggest a series of proactive measures and result to the sustainable curation of cultural objects.

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(original drawing by team associate Dimitris Theocharidis)

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