Ancient city of Edessa

Region of Pella

Cultural Tourism Plan 


Prefecture of Central Macedonia




Destination branding


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Cultural, environmentally friendly tourism is a rising market worldwide. As creative collaborators to the Regional Unit of Pella, we supported the local administration invest in their brand asset pool, mainly focusing in culture and the environment.

As a result of intensive research, strategic planning and a structured collaboration amongst regional cultural institutions and entities, such as the Ephorate of Antiquities of Pella, we designed and implemented ‘Explore Pella’, an experiential route into the cultural and natural hotspots of Pella.

Channeled through a multi-faceted approach, integrating made-to-branding methodology, content creation, web technologies, tv spots, a 50-minute documentary and a print tourist guide, the Region Unit of Pella obtained the essential communication toolkit for the enhancement of its tourism policy.