YMCA Basketball Museum

It is the first basketball museum in Greece and one of the few worldwide, situated exactly where in 1919 the first basket ball hit the ground. It all started with Lewis W. Riess who in 1924, for the first time in Greece, took over the position of the Director of Physical Education at the YMCA and made it his personal mission to teach and promote basketball – and for this reason the Museum is dedicated to him.


Basketball was promoted and developed in Greece by YMCA, one of the most important cultural and athletic institutions, spreading the idea and practice of the sport nationwide.

The Museum was inaugurated in 2013 and a great number of visitors (amongst which famous basketball players, coaches, members of sport Associations etc.) get acquainted with the history of basketball in Greece.

The exhibits are constantly updated with athletes’ memorabilia, historic archives, medals etc. resulting in the expansion of the museum to a new department that will be opened to the public in late 2019.







2018 - 2019