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IN[no]BOX Research for sustainable design
June 04, 2022

In the framework of the European Research Programme «Research - Create - Innovate» Polyptychon in partnership with Octanorm Hellas collaborate in the research for the development of an innovative method of exhibition design and a state of the art three-dimensional holistic exhibition system (Project code T1EDK-04015)

 We are designing a method for an innovative exhibit system that can be used as an indoor or outdoor self-contained and self-standing structure, serving as info point, booth, showroom, pop-up store, installation, permanent and temporary exhibition structure for museums and experience space.
IN[no]BOX is a «virtual» space, the shell to present collective memory, ideas and products.
Its basic characteristics are linearity, simplicity, usability, adaptability, versatility, creativity, innovation, sustainability and low-cost mobility.

IN[no]BOX is a design method, an one-size element for managing space with a single ruler and a single element.The system is addressed to everyone who is interested in promoting himself and communicate a message in a larger audience needing a physically shaped interactive space for telling a story to the desired audience.