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Polycentric Museum of Aigai

The Polycentric Museum of Aigai is a new, ‘holistic’ and dynamic approach to the relationship between archaeological site, museum, and visitor.

The multiform, multipurpose, flexible and constantly evolving Polycentric Museum of Aigai which, with sections dispersed around the actual geographical area, will embrace and integrate the entire archaeological site and – with the help of modern technology – extend into the expansive world of digital reality and the internet.

The main building is designed to become the conceptual gateway to the archaeological site and the history of Aigai, to the history and culture of the Macedonians, but also to the Hellenistic world, the oecumene, since this is where the digital museum “Alexander the Great: From Aigai to the World” will be housed.

In addition to the introductory exhibit “Window into the world of Alexander the Great”, the new museum hosts five exhibitions: the exhibition of architectural members, having as its main exhibit the restored part of the palace; the exhibition of sculptures; the central exhibition “The Memory of Aigai”; the temporary exhibition “Return gifts from the oecumene”; and the art exhibition “Material memory” with works by Christos Bokoros which were created specifically for the museum.

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