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Ναός της Παναγίας στο Πύθιο Ελασσόνας
Ιούνιος 01, 2022

The Church of the Panaghia at Pythion is one of the most important post-Byzantine monuments in the province of Elassona because of its composite architecture and its remarkable mural decoration.Pythion is situated in the western foothills of Mt. Olympus, at an elevation of approx. 650 m. The site is believed to be that of the ancient city of Pythium.

the antiquities at Pythion, along with the archaeological sites of Azoros, Doliche and Sarantaporo, form the so-called ‘Network of Archaeological Sites and Monuments of Perraiviki (Perrhaebian) Tripolis’, an interesting cultural itinerary with monuments from antiquity and the Byzantine and post-Byzantine periods.